Light painting

light painting is where you have a black background with someone stood with a torch standing with their back to the background whilst shining the light making a pattern to a camera with a long shutter speed so it can capture the light. When taking the photo we found out that we had to keep the light shining towards the camera as to get a good image instead of a blurry image.  We had the camera set to a wide aperture to let as much light as possible into the camera itself. What I like about light painting is how the light is vibrant against the black background and the amount off possible images you could make with it.


wp_20160922_11_09_39_prowp_20160922_11_09_48_prowp_20160922_11_09_43_pro These are the images that I did with light painting without a subject. The one I like the most is the bottom one however because it is more eye catching than the other ones to me.


These light images were taken with a subject and I prefer the one on the right because it shows more character than the first one because it only has silhouettes whereas the right one show the physical features of the subject.



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