5 elements of composition in photography

Line: having something to guide your eye to the important element in the image itself such as a boy sat down on. Rule of Thirds: having two straight lines going down and across to try and help mark the important element of the image possibly bringing more interest to the image itself Patterns: Having pattern in the image makes it more interesting than if it didn’t have any pattern at all. Depth: due to photography being a two dimensional media you have to choose an images composition carefully so that it shows the depth of the image. This can be done by having objects in the image such as an animal or a human being. Space: space could be understood as the area around the subject, normally filled with sky or water or some other background. Colour: colour can be characterised by attributes like hue. colours and how they are arranged can make an image seem even better. different colours can give different messages or emotions such as red and orange being warm colours and blue, violet being sad.


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