Pinhole photography is where you have a cylindrical tube that you paint the interior of black so it absorbs light. We then need to cut a small hole out of the tube after the paint has dried so that you can get light into the tube after it is sealed then we covered the hole with tin foil and place duck tape around it to keep it in place after this we made a tiny hole with a pin so we could let in light onto the photographic paper. Then we got a square piece of photographic paper and put a piece of blue tack on the non shiny side so it would stick to the inside of the tube. We then placed the lid on the tube so no light got into the tube except the light from the pin hole which we covered with our finger so we didn’t expose the paper to light when we didn’t want it to. We then placed it on a flat surface to make the image not blurry and removed our finger from the hole to expose the image for 10 seconds then we took the image through the development process to make it a negative image.


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