critiquing images

today we looked at images we took yesterday and spoke about what we liked and disliked about the images as well as others images. some of my images I liked with how they were but others I disliked because of how I took them.

The first image i like because it has a clear subject however i dislike that it is on a slope because it does not look correct so if i were to take the image again i would try to take the image closer to the subject so that it was less noticeable with the slope. The second image i tried to do to show line in it however it didn’t go very well because it is not in focus and also the fact that there is a lamppost in the image that can attract people eye’s towards it instead of the bus stop which was going to be the subject. The third image i like because it has open space in it however i dislike the fact that it is blurred which could be because i was moving.



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