Steel Henge

yesterday we went to steel henge to take photos of the landscape. This image has natural frame to it that is why I took it but it could have been better with a subject in between the stone pillars like a person or an animal such as a dog.IMG_2117.JPG





This image looks nice to me because of the waters reflective surface however it could have been better if it was more in focus in certain areas of the image. One of the things I like about my images is that they both have shadows and the second image has a reflective surface that looks very interesting to me.







These are three more images that i took at steel henge and out of these three i like the third one because it is a natural frame the only thing i think could have made it better would have been if i had someone stood in the archway but i did not think about that. The image i dislike the most out of them is the first one because it is too dark in my opinion and the second one is too bright but you can still make out some things from it whereas the first image you can only make out the silhouette of the trees.


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