clifton park

We went to clifton park on the 27th of september to take location images. These are some of the one’s i took with another student whilst i was at the park because there were not enough camera’s._MG_9301.JPG_MG_9286.JPG

these were two of the images that I took on that day and I like the second image because It looks better except for it being a bit a bit un even with the ground.

These were three images that i took that i like a little bit better than the last two because they show more light. The one i like best out of these three images is the last one because it has more open space than the rest of the images whilst the one i dislike the most in probably the one with the crow in it because it is a bit dull in the image and i would have preferred to get more sun in the image rather than the little amount of sun that i got.


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