Project 1 week 2 research

This is the research that I have got for calotype’s

calotypes were first introduced in the early 1840 and were first introduced by Henry fox Talbot. Another photographer who used the process was Thomas Duncan who has a photo in a National gallery in Scotland. The process makes you use silver iodide instead of silver halide to make them into a calotype instead of the basic photograms.

thThis is a calotype photogram that looks very nice to me with how it makes the tree look.

This is the research I got for photogram’s

photograms were first done at around the same time as calotypes and were some of the first photographic images made. In the early 1840’s a photographer called Anna Atkins made a book that was illustrated with photograms.

thuqgsq26p I like this image because it is of flowers with stems which is the same as the theme I chose to do for the first project.

I personally think that this process is a little time consuming but it is worth it because even though you have to go out to get the item you want to make a photogram with to then turn into a calotype it can still make a good image that people may like. I chose to do this because it would give me more experience if i ever wanted to do calotypes/photograms in the future such as experience in what time to expose calotypes for or what time to expose photograms for because they both take different amounts of time to do. The reason i selected these images to show what i was going to do was because one of them showed a photogram and a calotype whilst the other was a photogram that had caught my eye and i thought looked nice.


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