Test work

This week I went outside to get some digital photos for my project so that I could try to do something else instead of just doing photograms then inverting them so I just went and got some images of tree and other things like leaves so that I could experiment with them and the images that I have done this week are better then the images I have been doing because they actually show the texture unlike the photo’s of leaves.

I have also had some feedback of one of my teachers saying that they would be better in focus rather than not be in because it makes the image better because it show more of the detail than rather than barely any detail in the images.

These were some of my image that i did for test work which were all taken at clifton park however i dislike one of the images because it doesn’t look very appealing to me and that image is the first one and the reason it doesn’t look appealing to me is because of the fact the tree is twisted and looks like it is mangled i do like the one with the water however because to me it shows more detail than the others.


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