Effectiveness of my communication:

My research did help me with what I had decided to do for my project however it didn’t help me with getting the time right for the images because they didn’t specify how long it needed to be exposed for so I had to experiment with the times so I tested it between six and three seconds and I found that about three seconds of light exposure gave me the best look. I did set out to make what I wanted to with my project because I was able to show the texture in some things which is what I wanted to do with my project. The method that I used did what I wanted to after I had changed the method because the first method I chose was to get leaves and shine light through them to try and show it’s veins however it did not work so someone suggested that I take digital photo’s then invert them so I could turn them into the calotype versions, so I went out and took photo’s of bark and leaves close up with a camera. My research also helped me because it was able to show me what my images would look like with my project instead of if I had changed my project to something else like family portraits or something else.

Effectiveness of my selected methods and skills in communication:

The methods that I used for making the images worked very well which made them come out looking very good. My images do communicate my intended meaning because the meaning of my project was to show the texture of things in nature it doesn’t show it all too well though because the images are a bit blurred in places like around the edge and in the background however that is because it was out of focus when I took the images which I should have thought about when I was taking my images so that they looked a bit better than they did look. One of the communication methods I did with putting some of my images on facebook to get feedback but it didn’t work very well because only two people gave me feedback and they were people from my subject so it was good feedback but not the feedback I was after because I was after feedback from people who were not doing photography as a subject.

These two images were blurred because i was moving when i took the image that i then inverted.

Effectiveness of my selected processes and skills in creative production:

The process i chose to use was to make a photogram/calotype which both use the same development process except for one uses the photo paper in a different way then the other I think i chose the correct process because the images i got from doing the process came out looking very good to me and the feedback i’ve had from people has told me that they think that it is also very good because it shows what my theme was more than what i had been doing that i got people to look at because the other images i had done did not show the texture i wanted. The process could have been different because i found out you could do calotypes two different ways one was to place the photographic paper down first and then take the image whilst the second one was done with placeing the image down first and then the photographic paper and taking the image but i found out that this made the images look slightly different than the other image because one would come out looking like a real image whilst the other would look like an old photo that had been found.

These two images are the exact same except one is a calotype whilst the other is a photogram.

Effectiveness of my contextual awareness to support creative media production activity:

My research helped me to understand that my choice in theme was good because there was a lot that i could do to make my images look good in comparison to something else that i could have chosen if i could have changed one thing about my things it would have been to make the images a bit more in focus than they were because the camera did not focus on the things correctly like it should have. My chosen subject was nature and photograms/calotypes and it has been very affective because my images have been photograms or caloypes and have been about nature because they have been close ups of tree bark and close ups of leaves as well as an attempt of taking an image of a fountain to try and get the water but it did not come out correctly because it came out blurred instead of coming out clear like i would have liked it too so if i changed anything i would have tried to make the image clear instead of blurred.


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