How audio can make photographs seem better

Audio makes photographs seem better because it can make them have a upbeat mood or it can create an ambiance but some people like Jon Lehman use upbeat songs to show there  passion for photography and other things like Jon Lehman likes skateboarding. We know he has a passion for skateboarding because his images are of him and his friends skateboarding in the video he made with his photos from an assignment he did. Jon lehman link This video without sound just looks like a random montage of images of skateboarders however with sound it gives the video meaning with the song being upbeat.

Another photographer who uses an upbeat song to show his passion for photography is Steven Paterson who I believe to be showing his passion for nature and love. Steven peterson link This video without sound looks like someone who is infatuated with nature but with sound it gives it a bit more meaning with the colours of the things in it.

A photographer who I dislike because of the sounds he added to his video was Ryan Poole due to the fact that it doesn’t add much to the video except for sounds from the items he was interacting with. Ryan poole link This video without sound is just a random theme and with sound it doesn’t make sense because the sounds are random.


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