How i plan on starting my portfolio


To begin with i plan on having two people hugging under the gazebo at Clifton park to try to show the relationship at the start then i will have a few more images where they are walking down a path however i will be doing it where the path has more paths leading of it to signify how a relationship can go down different paths.


Then after i have taken these images i will take images of people talking on their phones and maybe have it where they are talking about the relationship and maybe say that it is not going well or something similar to this and i will do this in 5 images as to make it seem like the person was talking over a period of time then i will take another photo at the gazebo of the people walking past each other to try and signify that they have grown distant. Sounds that i will be putting over my images will be the sounds of birds when they are in Clifton park and for the people talking on the phones i will use ring tones and message tones from Facebook messenger or something similar to it like Skype so that it makes sense with the images instead of putting something like a car passing by over them because it would make no sense for it to be over the images.


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