What sounds i am going to use and how i am going to get them

The sounds i plan on using include birds singing,cars driving past, ring tones and message tones. I plan on getting these sounds by using an Edirol to record them because it is able to pick up a lot of sounds due to it being sensitive and the way i will get the sounds is going up to a park to get the sounds of a bird and for the sound of a car driving past i will get the sounds by just standing on a path with the Edirol recording and i will try to get different car sounds from it say moving from a still position to it going past fast and slow. Finally for the ring tone and message tone i will use a phone with the sound turned all the way up so that it is clearly heard and i may use Skype as well which i will be able to get with my own laptop because i can ask one of my friends to send me a message and then call me over it so i can get the sounds of both.


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