production plan

On Sunday I plan on meeting up with the people who I am taking my photo’s of so that I can take some of my images and then record some of the sounds as well then I can use them in my presentation which I am hoping to complete soon. The first thing I am going to do with them is take the image of them on the sofa or bed because they may not be able to go into the living room and if not I will have to do it where they are on the bed and then maybe in one of the later images they are separate on the sofa. Then the second thing I will do is ask them to take one of the dogs for a walk so I can get the image of them walking the dog and maybe have the sound of the dog barking over this image so I will need to get an Edirol out for the weekend. Then the next thing I will do is I will get the image of them under a street light hugging when it is dark out to try and show how committed they are to each other. Additionally the next thing I will do is take images of one of them talking on the phone via message to a friend who says that the relationship is not going to work. Finally the last images I will take will be of them sitting far apart from one and other as well as take a photo of them walking different ways down a path but one of them looks at the other to try and signify that they have been ignored by the other person and for the final image I will have it where it is just a phone with the message it’s over on it.


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