ideas for my project

What I am going to try and create:
The thing I am going to try and create with my images is showing how people can be different after someone says something to them about their relationship and how they can interfere with the relationship to the point where the people break up.

How I will use audio and still images to make an interactive portfolio:
In order to make my portfolio interactive I will be putting together a video with the sounds over my images and then I will put the video on youtube so that people can go and look at it whenever they want to in case someone needs to look it.

What resources will I need:
The resources that I will need for my project will be an edirol to record the sounds but I will not need a camera for the images because I have one myself so I will be taking the images on that and then putting the images I take on my blog so that I can make sure if I lose the SD card or the flash drive I have them somewhere.

Time scale for my project:
I have three week’s to do this project in before the next project starts so I will be working on the weekends to get more work done so that my project is done on time. The first week I will be taking images for my portfolio then for the second week I will work on editing all my images and sounds then for the final week I will put it all together for the presentation of it and I will also do my evaluation.

Production plan:
From the 20th to the 24th I will be taking images during the day and at night I will be editing my images for the video. From the 25th to the 2nd I will be editing my images completely and making my video so that on the 3rd I will be able to evaluate all my work before the 4pm deadline.


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