Ways of making my project interactive

One of the ways that I can make my project interactive is by playing a few sounds and letting the person choose which sound goes with which image. Another way I can make it interactive is by making it into a video and putting it on YouTube and asking people to put headphones in so they can listen to the sound’s or put a dark item over their heads to try to isolate themselves and then listen to the video. The first method of making it interactive seems like it could work very well but I think it could be the most difficult and it may not go as I plan. The second method of making it into a video would be difficult at first but then it would be the easiest to put out for people to see it because it would be on the internet and the third way is basically the second but them being isolated so it has more of an impact on them. The reason I would make it interactive in these ways is because they seem like good way to make it interactive and if I need to I can change it slightly where as if I had decided to make it into a DVD it would be very difficult to make changes because it would be very insufficient in cost because it would cost more to re do the DVD.


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