sounds I plan to use and how I have come to the decision

The sounds that I plan to use are people walking on gravel to go with the images of the people walking on paths and I will get this with an Eddie Roland  so that it is the actual sound and not a substitute because it could be difficult to do another sound that I will be using will be cars driving past when they are walking on a path next to the road and I will be using an Eddie Roland for this as well the reason I came to this decision to use these sounds is because  I believe they could compliment my images very well and I want my images to have a feel of realism to them. Sounds that I thought about using were sounds of leaves being crunched beneath feat to go with the images of them walking on the paths but then I realized that it would not make sense for the images to have that sound over them. I will also use the sounds from different ringtones for the images of the phone so that it makes sense for them to have that sound instead of a sound for an animal or a door opening because then the image would just have a random sound over it.


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