plan for my images

These are some of the images that I took as test work but I will be doing ones similar for my final images so that it can have the same background but it will be in focus because in these images the background is out of focus.

The reason they are all blurry is because I was not shooting in manual and I did not adjust the shutter speed but that is because on my camera screen the images did not look blurry and the bottom two images were taken inside and my camera was not working correctly so I had to wait for my camera to fix itself so next time I will probably take the indoor images first and then take the outdoor images. If there was one of these images that I liked the most it would probably be the top right one because to me it seems less blurry than the others and the one that I dislike the most is the bottom right because it more blurry than the other images.

If I was going to do anything different with these images I would shoot in manual mode so that I can have complete control over all the cameras functions so that I can adjust the amount of light going in and I may also change the time of day that I take the images so that it is possibly a bit darker than how they are so that they could have a different atmosphere than these images have got.


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