final video evaluation

The above link is for my final video for project two. if i was going to do anything different with the video i would take the images with a tripod and a faster shutter speed so that i could have a better quality to my images because they were out of focus and were also on different levels with some of them so this would be better for my final video. The thing i love about the video is that it conveys what i wanted it to convey in a way because of how it concluded.  The one thing that bugged me most about this project was the complexity of it because i did not understand it at first but then when i understood it i was pushing myself to finish it because i was behind everyone else so i had to catch up and the most irritating part of the project to me was having to put it into a video because i had never used premiere pro the programme we used to make the video. next time if i make another video i will use my time better because in this project i did not use my time wisely so next time i would stick to a plan of take photos repeatedly every two days and then research on the other days and put it together 0n a video making programme like premiere pro because it would be easier to make the video alongside taking the photos because if  i took an image of the exact same thing and one was better than the other i could change the video to have that one instead of the one of a lower quality. Another thing that i would do is i would make sure that i at least take 20 photos each time and make sure that i have all my things with me incase i need a certain piece of equipment for an image like if i need a tripod to take a photo that needs to have a flat ground to make it more impactful than if it had a slanted ground as well as make sure that i have something that i can view the images on beside my camera because as i found out the camera screen doesn’t show the impurity in the images because some images looked nice on my camera then when i went on the pc the image were blurry around the edges and did not look that appealing. Finally i would try to go to other places because i was only shooting in one place so the image are not that appealing with the scenery so i would try to go somewhere that was slightly more sunny than somewhere that was gloomy like my images show because that doesn’t look very nice to me so others may not like it either so i would try to appeal to what i believe others would like to see in images that i could convey and i will take feedback from this video so that if i do make another video i can make it better than this one was.


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