premiere pro process

To make my video i used a programme called premiere pro on the computer i used premiere pro because it is what my piers suggested i use instead of a programme that did the same because with premiere pro i could get help from my piers with it rather than have to find a way to do it myself.

This was how i put the the video together i used the programme by putting the image on the timeline graph and then changing the amount of time that they stayed on screen for by adjusting them by grabbing one end of the image on the purple line and pulling it closer or further away so that it changed the amount of time that images was on screen


Another thing that i did was put music and sounds over the image so that it would give it some audio to make it interactive and i adjusted the sound when i wanted it to go off by using keyframes which is an appliance in premiere pro itself which allows you to adjust the sound by placing a keyframe down where the mouse is and then you can place another where you want and then you can adjust the second one to make the sound dim down by moving the second keyframe down from where it was placed.



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