Task One research

A photographer who’s work I admire is David Lloyd because of how he show the animals in a natural setting and the images are in focus on just the subject of the images themselves so its clear what he wants you to focus on.

david lloyd

I like this image because it shows how wild animals can be different around each other to how they are around people. One thing i dislike about this image is the fact that it is quite dark in the image so their isn’t as much detail as i would like.

Another photographer I admire is Sally Anne Thompson because she was brought up in a fashion photography family and preferred to take animal photos of horses, dogs and cats and I also like that she is able to catch the emotions of the subjects in her images.sally anne thompson

link to the image

The reason I like this image is because the Dalmatian is in focus and the background is out of focus which is something that I am going to do with my images so that the subject of my images is clear.

A final photographer who’s work I like is John Daniels because he also shows the subjects with the background out of focus so the subjects are the primary focus of the images.john daniels link to image

I like this image because the animal is in focus and the image captured the texture of its fur and the carpet beneath it. One thing I dislike about this image is the fact that the edges of the cat are out of focus further back like its tail. I have also looked at a book from the library called photographing Animals and Pets by Jonathan Hilton the book itself is lots of photographers work put together to make stuff easier for others to view their work rather than have people search for their work on their own because it could be difficult to find their work. The thing I am trying to convey is how animals are different when they are not in a cage rather than if they are in a cage because animal’s behave differently in and out of cages which I want to try and show the emotions of the differences. I will also try to take photos of other animals like farm animals and how they can be different to domestic animals in behaviour and how they interact with people. A way that I can promote the exhibition and my work would be to share it around social media such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and ask my friends to tell more of their friends or make leaflets and try to hand them out to people in the streets. The reason I say try is because people often don’t accept leaflets of anything that people are handing out because they may think it is just rubbish and bin it. Another way that I am going to promote the exhibition is by making an Instagram account and posting all my things with #Level2Riverside so that others who use the same can help get the exhibition out for people to know about it. The target audience for my work would be animal lovers because of my images being of animals in kennels and I would also believe that other photographers and some others from my class. The reason I chose this audience is because I myself am an animal lover and I think that my images will have a high impact on others who think the same as me. One of the ways I was planning to show my images was with a video but I realized to make it so people could see it I would have to have lights out and this would be unfair to the others because they would need lights to show their images properly so I will show my images as a5’s with a space between them all this is how I plan to display them. The area in photography that I plan to focus on for this final project is capturing the moment in my images so that they can have a deeper emotional effect on people who like my photographs.

Production plan:
Week one to week three do research about my project till the 20th of April. 21st to the 30th test shoots for my image so that I can see what I want to do with my final images.1st to the 16th for final images that I want to capture then edit them as well. 16th after I have finished editing all my images and things I will send them off to get printed out and whilst I wait I will get all my other things that I need like the foam board for my images to go on and the spray glue so my images stick to the foam board.

The research that I have gathered has helped me to decide what I was going to do for my project because it gave me ideas as to what people like the most about different types of animals so I decided to go with birds of prey and dogs because they both show different emotions than other animals and they were the easiest for me to get to so that also helped in making the decision to choose these two animal types however the research I conducted is not entirely relevant to my project because in the research I got the photographers who I had researched were doing work on mostly wild animals whereas my project is just about dogs and birds of prey so they were not very relevant people to research if I was going to change anything for conducting research I would research more relevant photographers.


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