Task Two presentation and feedback from presentation

This is my presentation that i did for my final major project the feedback that i got is bellow these images. I think that it went very well with the feedback that I got and the presentation.

image 4image 3image 2image 1



The feedback i got from my class after my presentation helped me to decide how i am going to frame my work at the exhibition by getting an A3 foam board and placing my images as A5 on it with a small space between them and i will place the foam board on the exhibition wall with Velcro straps so that it didn’t leave a mark on the exhibition wall and also what else i am going to do when it comes to getting my final images because someone suggested that when i take the images when the dogs are out walking to lay on the floor and take the images square on to the dogs and have something to attract them to my camera like a dog treat or toy. Another thing that one of my classmates asked me was whether i was planing on taking images of other animals besides dogs but i said no because i think dogs show the most emotion in images especially when they are behind a metal fence and when they are out on paths. One of the things that most of my classmates asked me was how i planned to get to the places and i said that i would take the bus to get to the place and i would also when it came to taking the images outside the place it would probably be around the streets in that area so that it isn’t too difficult for the dogs if they are older so that they don’t get tired too easily.


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