Task Three

These test shots were all taken on different days and the reason why that is because the images of the birds I took whilst I was on holiday with my dad and the images of the dogs are from my other test shoots. The images that I like the most are the images of the dogs because they have a depth of field to them however I dislike the fact that I was not capturing the emotion in the dogs that I wanted to capture so with my next test shots I will get closer to the dogs and take more in detail photos. However the images that I dislike the most is a mixture of both the bird images and the dog images because in some of the image they are captured perfectly in my opinion because they are in focus but in others they are out of focus.

On the 8th of April I went to Cleethorpes with my dad for the weekend and I decided to take my camera so that I could take some images of the animals there and whilst I was there they had a birds of prey show so I took some photos of them and I had decided to increase the range of animals I was taking images of rather than just keep it to dogs I will take photos of a range of animals from dogs like I planned to do to birds outside. These are some of my images that I took on the day.

These are my final image for this project out of all of them I like the image of my dog at the bottom because it captures the surprise in his face. the one I dislike the most is the Canadian horned owl at the top because it doesn’t have much detail in its feathers because it moved just as I was taking my photo of it.

At the beginning of the project i knew what i wanted to do so i chose dogs as what my fmp would revolve around as it was something i had grown up with. during the first few weeks of the project it was very difficult to catch up with everyone else as i was behind them in the work aspect but after those first few weeks i caught up. Then when we started doing test shots i fell behind because i was not doing my work correctly however i caught up and managed to get my final images printed for the deadline.

Production plan:
week one – go and take test images so that i can refine them to a good standard this will be done between the 16h and 23rd of April.
week two – go and take more images to finalise the refinement process done from the 24th of April to the 30th of April.
week three – go and take final images and edit them this will be done between the 1st and 22nd of March.
week four – print final images and mount them this will be done between the 23rd of March and the 9th of June.

One of the things that went wrong with my production plan is that i didn’t refine all my test images with editing them so i ended up falling behind on them  so i didn’t edit them as thoroughly.

In the first stage of my production plan I originally planned to do test work along with research but I was unable to do this because I did not work around this correctly then the next stage I planned to do was to get my test work edited which I did do on time then for the final two stages of my production plan I got my final images done and edited then mounted on foam board then finished up my blog.

I edited my images to be black and white because they have better emotions in them than the ones in colour because the ones in colour show off too much happy emotions where as the ones in black and white show sad emotions and that is what I wanted to get my images to show and them being in colour wouldn’t show the emotions correctly because of how bright they were and how happy they looked.

Things I could have done differently for this project would have been to do my final images in colour instead of black and white but I decided to do it in black and white because it shows the negative emotions that I wanted and not the positive ones that it would have shown if I had left it in colour so that is the primary reason I made my images black and white instead of keeping them in colour. The editing processes do work for what I was doing because it was easy enough to use to change them from one format to another. The test work helped me to define the editing process because it helped me to figure out if I needed to brighten some images or darken them before editing them into the black and white format for the final amount so I would not change that in my work. One of the things I most liked about this project was getting to work with the animals that I took images of because I think they can show more emotion than any other type of animal including humans.


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