Task four

The feedback I got from my presentation has told me that I should have stayed with one animal type because it would have been better than having mixed animals in my images because my project was to do with emotions in animals more specifically dogs because I feel like they were one of the most emotional animals that have human interaction. I believe that with the amount of time I was given to do this final project I did as well as I could have done because the images I did were emotional to me because they are of my own pet so I have an attachment to the dog. The birds of prey images that I took to me are very good because they are all in focus whereas some of my image were not in focus so if I was going to change anything about them I would probably take more time and be patient about when to take my images. The thing that got me into photography was the fact that I like capturing the beauty of things in a clear and crisp image and I found out that I wanted to do photography when I took and image on a trip with NCS or National Citizen Service in the lake district when I took an image of a mountain with my phone and saw the beauty of the place. So that I can get feedback from people at the exhibition I will make a box for people to give me feedback from my. I am yet to mount my work as of yet so I will be mounting it in the exhibition hall in a week so that I can. The target audience for my work would be younger people who like animals because I know younger people like animals unless they have had a bad encounter with an animal then they would not like animal images. Another target audience I think could work for my images would be animal photographers because my images are of animals and I think they would be interesting to someone who likes animals such as household pets and birds however I don’t think that it is very likely for animal photographers would be going to the exhibition though. Another thing that i got asked was how i was going to hang my work in the exhibition and i have said that i will be using velcro strips for hanging my work on the walls as it is easy to use and can be removed very easily as to not damage the walls themselves and so that i can remove them all without damaging my work as well. The final thing i was asked was why i decided to do my work on A3 foam board and the reason behind this is because i thought if i did it as A4 prints you wouldn’t be able to see as much detail as you can with a big image compared to one that is half the size of it and another thing i was asked was why i chose foam board in the first place and i did that because it was one of the easiest things that i could get my hands on for cheap so i chose foam board. i think that what i chose to do was the right choice for my fmp because it was something that interested me because of my attachment to animals and how i had a new dog at home i could take images of. I estimate that a few hundred people will see my work and I hope that they will see the work and like the images for what they are. The planning I did for the project could have been better because my time frame for things was messed up because of unforeseen problems so that would is something that I would do differently next time because it was a hindrance for the time scale of my project. The editing I did on the images from turning them from colour into black and white was something that I found very interesting to do because you can see the difference between the two different types of images because one shows more positive emotions compared to negative ones which is kind of what I was trying to convey in my images. I believe my images do convey the emotions I am trying to get out of them to people who are looking at them so I think they will appreciate the images for what they are.


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