Task four

The feedback I got from my presentation has told me that I should have stayed with one animal type because it would have been better than having mixed animals in my images because my project was to do with emotions in animals more specifically dogs because I feel like they were one of the most … More Task four

Task Three

These test shots were all taken on different days and the reason why that is because the images of the birds I took whilst I was on holiday with my dad and the images of the dogs are from my other test shoots. The images that I like the most are the images of the dogs because they … More Task Three

Task One research

A photographer who’s work I admire is David Lloyd because of how he show the animals in a natural setting and the images are in focus on just the subject of the images themselves so its clear what he wants you to focus on. I like this image because it shows how wild animals can … More Task One research

Audio in videos

This video was one that I found and I think that it does need the sound over it or else it makes no sense because it is just random images of people riding skateboards this is a link to the youtube video john lehmann video. Another video that makes no sense without sound is a video … More Audio in videos