Test photos

These are some of the images I took for my test work for my theme however some of the images I took are not that good. The image out of these that I like is the second one because it is in focus more than the others. These three images were taken today and I … More Test photos

Test work

This week I went outside to get some digital photos for my project so that I could try to do something else instead of just doing photograms then inverting them so I just went and got some images of tree and other things like leaves so that I could experiment with them and the images that … More Test work

Calotype test work

These are some of the images that I did for my photograms/calotype project. These are photograms and I like the second image myself because it has the ripple’s in it and it is more in focus than the first image because in the first image the background is in focus but the tree is not … More Calotype test work

Test work

These are some of the images that I made on the second week of the project. Some of the images that I did I like because they show off the veins in the images however I dislike it because I was not able to get the photo completely clear like I wanted to do with them but … More Test work