Test images

These are some of my test images that I took when I was looking at how I wanted to take my images and how I would ley them out of them the one most is them hugging because its the only image that got what I wanted it to have and it was in focus … More Test images

Test work

These were some images that I took but the background was out of focus so I will have to retake the images and then make sure they are in focus so that they can be better the way I am going to do this is by taking the new images in MANUAL mode so that … More Test work

Test work

These are some of the images that i took on Saturday If i could do anything different for these i would take them and try to take them when they are fully in focus because in some of them the image is out of focus around the edges however i believe it adds to the … More Test work

production plan

On Sunday I plan on meeting up with the people who I am taking my photo’s of so that I can take some of my images and then record some of the sounds as well then I can use them in my presentation which I am hoping to complete soon. The first thing I am going to do … More production plan